Mount Ararat Theological Academy

"Imparting Spiritual Information for Biblical Transformation"

This ministry is designed to help existing believers develop and deepen their knowledge of Christian beliefs. Anyone interested in spiritual transformation through scriptural information should consider this ministry. The goal of this ministry is to comprehensively prepare believers for their walk of faith and obedience in Christ. Participants should have a genuine interest in matters of discipline, faith and spiritual growth.

Our Mission: To help believers comprehensively prepare for their walk of faith and obedience. To build into every course and seminar the answers to four important questions:

  • What must a disciple believe?
  • What must a disciple know?
  • What must a disciple be? 
  • What must a disciple do?

Mata Team:

  • Reverend Sharon Dennard
    Dean of MATA
  • Sharon Jarrett-Brown
    Program Coordinator
  • Danielle Graham
  • Nichelle Nelson
  • Rosalind Scales
  • Lanita Butler
  • LaVerne Dothard
  • Karen Womack
  • Deacon Fred Dennard
  • Meko Packer
  • Marlana Edge
  • Pamela Watkins



Rev. Sharon Dennard
Dean, Mt. Ararat Theological Academy




December 19
The Miracles of Christmas